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Only three things matter in advertising. High-converting ad content, full-funnel ad campaigns, and continuous experiments.

We do all of that for you.

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Full-Funnel Advertising Solutions

Get consistent high-converting content. Have a full-funnel ad campaigns. Optimize non-stop.

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Reasons to choose us vs traditional agencies

Our programs, outputs, and team are designed to satisfy your needs: Achieving growth with high success rate and high RoI.


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The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

Dulu kita masih coba-coba sendiri bikin ads, RoASnya mentok di 1,1x. Pas gabung sama team Marka, langsung naik 3x lipat RoASnya, padahal saat itu lagi low season. Proses dan report yang dikasih tim Marka juga membantu banget buat kami brand owner ngembangin bisnis kami. Thank you tim Marka!

Adly Mohammad

These & Those Studio

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Semenjak kerjasama dengan tim Marka (mas Dika, mas Aldo), banyak banget leads yang berminat jadi reseller. Selain itu, bisnis e-commerce LFG juga tumbuh signifikan dari single digit jadi triple digit per bulan. Yang paling the best adalah, omzet segitu bisa konsisten sesuai target!

Willy Michsen

Liberty Fashion Grosir

Tim Marka berhasil ngasih insights yang ngebantu Oxygen mencapai goals kami, yaitu peningkatan revenue tanpa diskon sebesar tahun lalu. Thank you banget buat tim Marka. Buat temen-temen brand lain, saya recommend untuk kerja sama dengan mereka!

Jafar Fakhry

Oxygen Denim

Dengan launching budget < 10juta, Marka berhasil menjual habis produk kami dengan RoMI 6x.​

Yocky Tegar

Lusive Basics

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They provide valuable insights and recommendations that helped improve our marketing efforts. Highly recommend them.​

Chandra Ishano

Hubster Indonesia

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Your brand can be our
next success story 🙂

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Comparing CPC and CPM: Maximizing Facebook Ad Performance

Comparing CPC and CPM: Maximizing Facebook Ad Performance

Understand the difference between CPC and CPM to maximize your Facebook ad performance.


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Our Full-Service Ad Management (FSAM™) has a set of standard deliverables that we like to call 'features'.

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