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Consistent growth is
having systems in place

Without systems, you'll always look for that 'hack', leading to unsustainable, inconsistent growth. We help you define, implement, and operate your key systems that unlock consistent growth.

High Converting
Ad Content

Define, implement and operate your content systems to produce great content consistently.

Ad Campaigns

Define, implement and operate your full-funnel advertising strategy to acquire customers.

System III

Define, implement and operate your data and insights systems to make better decisions.

I. High Converting Ad Content

Always have the right content for the right people.

People react differently to the same content. Why? Because they have different awareness levels. We help you create the right content for all segments.

  • Create content based on awareness levels
  • Different content for prospecting & retargeting
  • Strategy for paid, organic, and earned content
  • Utilize your team to produce great content
  • Have a bank of compelling content
II. Full-Funnel Ad Campaigns

Attract high-intent prospects consistently.

Your products have a market. We will help you define who your audience is, where we can find them, and what story we should tell them.

  • Utilize huge social media users (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Find and convert new customers
  • Retarget abandoned carts
  • Sell new products to past customers
  • Convert competitor's prospects
III. Performance Measurement System

Understand what's happening with your own business.

We help you create a data dashboard that tells how we're performing. This way everyone in the team will work towards the same goal and not in silos.

  • Current performance vs target
  • Leading and lagging indicators
  • Monthly result presentation
  • Daily e-commerce reports
  • Know what competitors are doing

Our proven approach to get maximum results

Performance audit

We audit your past ad and store performance to identify the biggest growth opportunities.



We conduct initial research on your market, competitors, and product.


Media planning

We develop a media plan that outlines your budget allocation for each channel, funnel, and objective.


Ad production

We produce comprehensive content that appeals to a wider range of audience segments.


Data visualization

We create a data visualization tool for you to track progress and anticipate future downsides.


Implement & iterate

We will implement best practices, seize growth opportunities, and solve any problems that may arise.

Flexible Pricing

Fair pricing for any business

Whether you're still a solo entrepreneur, a small team, or a growing enterprise, we have a plan that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Does not include tax.


Implement proven framework to maximize Meta ads' return on ad spend.

Rp 7.49 juta/month*
  • *or 10% ad spent (whichever is higher)

    Maximum % fee of Rp100jt per month.

  • Done-for-you
  • Strategy & optimization
  • Weekly reports
  • Excludes ad content & copy
Growth Partner

We help with strategy & ads management. You support with content.

Rp 2.99 juta/month*
  • *plus % revenue sharing.

    Negotiable % of revenue.

  • Done-with-you
  • Ads management
  • Monthly ad brief creation
  • In-depth reports

10 (ten) ready-to-use, high converting ad content (videos & banners).

Rp 8.49 juta
  • Done-for-you
  • 8 UGC videos + 2 banners

    Videos will be created by select content creators in a controlled environment.

  • Full-funnel content pillar

    The package includes content for prospecting and retargeting campaigns.

  • 1:1 and 9:16 ratio

    Usable for Meta (Reels, Feeds, Stories), TikTok and Youtube (Shorts)

  • Includes ad copy

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why choose us

Reasons to choose us vs traditional agencies

Our programs, outputs, and team are designed to satisfy your needs: Achieving growth with high success rate and high RoI.


Our clients see the difference

The best way to showcase our commitment is through the experiences and stories of those who have partnered with us.

Dulu kita masih coba-coba sendiri bikin ads, RoASnya mentok di 1,1x. Pas gabung sama team Marka, langsung naik 3x lipat RoASnya, padahal saat itu lagi low season. Proses dan report yang dikasih tim Marka juga membantu banget buat kami brand owner ngembangin bisnis kami. Thank you tim Marka!

Adly Mohammad

These & Those Studio

Logo These Those Studio Shopee

Semenjak kerjasama dengan tim Marka (mas Dika, mas Aldo), banyak banget leads yang berminat jadi reseller. Selain itu, bisnis e-commerce LFG juga tumbuh signifikan dari single digit jadi triple digit per bulan. Yang paling the best adalah, omzet segitu bisa konsisten sesuai target!

Willy Michsen

Liberty Fashion Grosir

Tim Marka berhasil ngasih insights yang ngebantu Oxygen mencapai goals kami, yaitu peningkatan revenue tanpa diskon sebesar tahun lalu. Thank you banget buat tim Marka. Buat temen-temen brand lain, saya recommend untuk kerja sama dengan mereka!

Jafar Fakhry

Oxygen Denim

Dengan launching budget < 10juta, Marka berhasil menjual habis produk kami dengan RoMI 6x.​

Yocky Tegar

Lusive Basics

Lusive logo

They provide valuable insights and recommendations that helped improve our marketing efforts. Highly recommend them.​

Chandra Ishano

Hubster Indonesia

Hubster logo

Your brand can be our
next success story 🙂

With the right strategy and partner, achieving your desired results is possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Quick answers to questions you may have. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact our support team by chat or email.

You will get a team of growth strategist and implementers that help you achieve your revenue goals by planning and implementing your growth systems for you.

  • Audit your current situation
  • Create a growth plan
  • Run Meta ads for you
  • Create 4 new ads every month

Yes. We can help you with Google and TikTok ads for an additional charge. However, we currently don't support Shopee, Tokopedia or other on-platform ads.

Yes. You can order per 10 ad content.

Our growth consultants are practitioners, each with a background in owning a brand, leading a marketing department, or possessing proven experience in growing e-commerce businesses. We will assign the most suitable strategist based on industry expertise, experience, and availability.

Typically, you could see initial results from 1 week to 3 months, depending on the complexity of your project. However, if you decide not to continue with us, you can cancel your subscription to our program at any time.

Our team will reach out to you to schedule a 30-minute discovery call. During this call, please share your current and desired state, including any issues or challenges you may have.

Once you have signed our quotation, we will initiate the onboarding process, introduce you to our team, and, within 10-14 days, present an initial strategy designed to help you achieve your goals.

We will also invite you to a dedicated Slack channel, where you can ask any growth-related questions to our team.

To ensure consistent communication and track progress, we will hold bi-weekly catch-up meetings to discuss any challenges, progress, and next steps. Additionally, on a monthly basis, we'll provide you with a comprehensive overview, offering further insights and recommendations.

We do help clients with special projects that are not listed on the website. Please let us know what you have in mind.