Advertising Service, Associate

Job Category: Client Service Marketing
Job Type: Full Time
Job Location: Bekasi (Hybrid)

About Marka
Marka is a dynamic marketing agency committed to delivering exceptional advertising and marketing solutions. We pride ourselves on fostering an environment where creativity meets efficiency, ensuring client success and satisfaction.

Job Summary
We are seeking a highly motivated and skilled Advertising Service Associate to join our Client Service Team. This role involves managing advertising campaigns, collaborating with creative teams, and driving client success through effective communication and strategic advertising initiatives.

Minimum Qualifications

  1. Technical Proficiency: Strong working knowledge of advertising platforms such as Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, and Google Ads. Familiarity with data analysis and performance forecasting using tools like Google Sheets or similar.
  2. Analytical Skills: Possesses a data-driven mindset with the ability to analyze data effectively before making decisions.
  3. Creativity: An eye for compelling creatives that can drive sales, with an understanding of what attracts customers in digital environments.
  4. Self-Motivation: Highly self-driven with a passion for learning and advancing in digital advertising. Demonstrates initiative and the ability to self-teach with resources provided by the company.
  5. Educational Background: Open to fresh graduates. A structured learning framework and courses will be available to help less experienced candidates grow into their roles.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Account Setup: Register new client accounts across various advertising platforms including Facebook and TikTok.
  2. Campaign Management: Set up, monitor, and optimize advertising campaigns to ensure they meet the goals.
  3. Media Planning: Develop comprehensive media plans detailing budget allocation, channel strategy, and expected outcomes.
  4. Creative Collaboration: Collaborate with the creative and account teams to define target personas and effective messaging strategies. Assist in the production of creative assets as needed.
  5. Performance Analysis: Conduct weekly analyses to optimize campaign performance. Prepare monthly reports highlighting key results, insights, and areas for improvement.
  6. Client Communication: Serve as the primary point of contact for day-to-day client inquiries regarding campaign performance, technical issues, and strategic advice. Identify opportunities to upsell additional services as appropriate.

Team and Reporting Structure

  • Reporting: Reports directly to the Client Service Lead.
  • Collaboration: Works closely with the Account and Creative Teams.
  • Client Interaction: Initially guided by the Client Service Lead, with the goal to take over client meetings.

Why Join Marka?

At Marka, we believe in creating impactful work that not only delivers results for our clients but also fosters personal and professional growth for our team. Here’s what makes us stand out:

  1. Purpose-Driven Work: You will directly contribute to the success of diverse clients ranging from local startups to established brands, helping them achieve their digital marketing goals. Each campaign you work on makes a real difference, showcasing your impact on their success.
  2. Commitment to Professional Growth: We prioritize your development. We offer a range of in-house training and external courses tailored to enhance your skills in digital marketing and advertising. As we grow, you grow.
  3. Innovative Environment: Join a team that’s constantly seeking out new ways to break through the digital noise. Your ideas and creativity will be valued and implemented, providing you with the opportunity to see your concepts come to life in our campaigns.
  4. Supportive Culture: We are committed to building a supportive atmosphere where you can openly share ideas and challenges. Our small team setup ensures that everyone’s voice is heard, and contributions are recognized.
  5. Recognition of Achievement: We celebrate both team and individual successes. We find meaningful ways to acknowledge and reward the hard work and results you bring to the team.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Competitive salary range: ranging from IDR 5 million to IDR 12 million per month, includes both individual and company performance bonus.
  • Professional Development: Access to training programs and courses.
  • Health Insurance: Provided.
  • Work Environment: Hybrid model, with regular office attendance expected.

One of our core priorities at Marka is to enable our employees to build a great life and career, and we believe our benefits are an important extension of that philosophy. As such, currently Marka offers a competitive suite of benefits including:

  • BPJS Kesehatan.
  • BPJS Ketenagakerjaan (Jaminan Hari Tua, Jaminan Kecelakaan Kerja, Jaminan Kematian, Jaminan Pensiun, Jaminan Kehilangan Pekerjaan).
  • Workplace flexibility with regular office attendance expected.
  • Free training in the form of online courses, mentorship with internal or external consultants, and workshops.

Marka reserves the right to change its current benefits program at any time, in a manner that is consistent with applicable federal and state regulations.

This job description is not a contract and confers no contractual rights, privileges, or benefits on any applicant or potential applicant. Marka has the right to change any and all terms of this job description, including, but not limited to, job responsibilities, qualifications and benefits. Nothing in this job description constitutes an offer or guarantee of employment.

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